Automaatbak Re-visie Kosten (The Automaatbak Re-visie) by Ulrich von Schiller

The Automaatbak Re-visie is a tale regarding a lady, Anna, who searches for the location of her son, who has actually gone missing. She is assisted by an old woman and also a young girl who function as slaves in your home where the child lived.

In the tale, Anna meets the Versnellingsbak, a team of nine creatures who live in the house and protect Anna and her kid from the wicked pressures of the outdoors. They stay in your home by themselves, consuming just cabbage, as well as they are secured by the Versnellingsbak, that have actually been called by a young boy who has actually been burglarized of his money by the robbers.

The Versnellingsbak appear to look after everything that Anna needs, but she finds that the creatures have a hidden agenda. They want Anna to be pleased due to the fact that they reside in your house and desire her youngster to have a pleased life. As things go further from Anna's control, she recognizes that the animals are not satisfied at all.

When Anna as well as her child ran out of cabbage, the Versnellingsbak attack her and versnellingsbak revisie kosten also take her away. Anna calls a taxicab and calls the Versnellingsbak to help her discover her kid.

In the Automaatbak Re-visie Kosten, the animals of your home do not allow Anna finds her son until she has actually provided him a piece of cabbage. As soon as Anna gives her child cabbage, the creatures take her away in the taxi. At the end of the story, Anna locates her son in the taxi and also realizes that the animals are her enemies.

In the story of Automaatbak Re-visie Kosten, Anna is not pleased. She intends to return to her child yet the creatures do not desire her to. They tell her that if she does not return, the evil forces of the outside world will certainly take control of your home.

They state that it is far too late for them to alter the situation. If Anna chooses to return, she will have the ability to help her kid and her house and also will certainly be able to shield him from the wickedness.

The story was composed by Ulrich von Schiller. It has to do with Anna as well as her problems due to her love for her child.


They desire Anna to be satisfied because they live in the residence as well as want her child to have a happy life. In the Automaatbak Re-visie Kosten, the creatures of the home do not allow Anna finds her son till she has actually provided him an item of cabbage. In the tale of Automaatbak Re-visie Kosten, Anna is not happy.